A Beginner’s Guide to do the Forensic Image — Logicube Forensic Falcon

  • What is Forensic Image ?
  • What is Logicube Forensic Falcon?
  • Basic preparation for image.
  • Start to image !

What is Forensic Image?

What is Logicube Forensic Falcon?

  • Imaging and verifying to multiple image formats. Such as native or mirror copy, dd image, e01, ex01 (e01 and ex01 with compression) and file-based copy.
  • Supporting SHA1, SHA256 or MD5 and dual-hash (MD5+SHA-1) authentication.
  • Supporting EXT4 or NTFS destination file format.
  • Multiple imaging ports.
  • Multiple imaging ports.Image Restore.
  • Encryption

Basic preparation for image.

Photo 1 _ photo by Kenny Wu
Photo 2 _ photo by Kenny Wu

Start to image !

Photo 3_ photo by Kenny Wu

A. Select mode.

Photo 4_ photo by Kenny Wu

B. Select the source of drive/file.

Photo 5_ photo by Kenny Wu

C. Fill out the contents of settings .

  • In Case information, you can fill in what you want. For example, if we received the project named TAIPEI 101, then we can named it as TA101. Then we will set Case/File Name and Case ID as TA101, and set Evidence ID as TA101A.(It’s up to examiner~!!)
  • In “Clone method”, “HPA/DCO/TRIM”, “Error handling” and “Hash/Verification” settings, all of them should use the method what the project need.
Photo 6_ photo by Kenny Wu
References: Disk Image Content Model and Metadata Analysis, Harvard Library(2016)

D. Select the destination of drive/file.

Password and Encryption Settings

Photo 7_ photo by Kenny Wu




Digital Forensic Engineer ; Wine tasting

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Falcon K

Falcon K

Digital Forensic Engineer ; Wine tasting

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